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Origami 3D Łabędź/Swan

Przedstawiam jak zrobić pięknego łabędzia w origami 3D. Nowy wzór. How to make a paper swan. Kolory/Colors: 465 białych / white 63 fioletowych / purple 48 jasno-niebieskich / light blue 47 żółtych / yellow 4 niebieskie / blue 1 czerwony / red

Origami Fortune Pouch — Cajita de la Fortuna

How to Make a Fortune Pouch That Your Guests Will Love. An stylish alternative to fortune cookies, easy origami paper pouches! SUBTÍTULOS EN ESPAÑOL Read Blog post for more ideas: —— Cómo hacer una caja de papel. Elegante alternativa para las galletas de la fortuna, esta caja será en el éxito de tu fiesta. Video paso a paso, fácil. Lee el blog para más ideas: Una caja de la fortuna que...[Read More]

#44 Pingwin — Origami modułowe

Film jest poradnikiem pokazującym jak złożyć pingwina z origami modułowego. Modular Origami penguin tutorial. Przydatne linki: Fanpage na FB: … Sklep OLX:

3d origami penguin tutorial (remake)

How to make pieces: Follow me on Facebook: My Deviant art page: My Etsy shop: You can buy pieces here:

3D Origami Penguin tutorial part 1

Model created and folded by Campean Petru Razvan. This is a 3d origami tutorial on how to make 3D Origami Penguin . This 3D Origami Penguin ghost model is made from 140 white , 36 orange ,35 yellow and around 400 black small 3d origami pieces ,pieces are made from rectangles of paper with dimensions of 3.6-2.7cm (64/A4) . I use for this model 80 g/sm paper. How to make 3d origami pieces : How to m...[Read More]

Easy Origami Penguin — Perfect Greeting Card too

Easy Origami Penguin — Perfect Greeting Card too. Love this Origami for Kids idea.These little penguins are a great easy origami for beginners project. As they REALLY ARE EASY making it the perfect Origami for beginners. Make them in any fun colours and then decorate. This Penguin DIY is great as a decoration, for a scrap book or even better as a Seasonal Greeting Card or Thank you Card. CLI...[Read More]

Origami 3d Owl (sowa origami)

DIY $10,000 Money Cake — How to Fold Money Into a Cake! Dollar Origami Graduation Money Gift Idea!

Learn how to make a money cake worth $10,000! I love this simple dollar origami-inspired craft. Fold dollar bills (or one hundred dollar bills) into a $10,000 money cake! Use REAL or FAKE money. If you DO decide to use real bills, this money cake will NOT damage the monetary value of the bills. Please do NOT destroy real money to make this dollar origami-inspired cake. This DIY money cake is a bri...[Read More]

3D origami penguin tutorial

Another tutorial on the same thing: How to make pieces: You can buy pieces here:

How To Make 3D Origami Penguin (HD)

Desing by: Vedran Miletić Tutorial by: Vedran Miletić Difficulty: easy My paper: A4 ================================== My Facebook page: My Twitter page My e-mail: Subscribe to more videos and tutorials! 🙂 Thnaks!

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